Services - Us Citizens

US citizens living in Israel are subject to both Israeli and US tax laws. Our firm has 15 years of professional taxation experience in the US.

We will be glad to provide you with the relevant reports for the US tax authorities, represent you in transactions with the US tax authorities, assist in resolving disputes, etc.

We work in full cooperation with your Israeli accountant and in each case we look at the state of tax exposure in both Israel and the US – in order to avoid duplicate tax obligations under the Israel-US Double Tax Avoidance Treaty.

Annual reports to US tax authorities relevant to Israeli residents:

  • Report Financial Accounts - FBAR

  • Annual Tax Report - Form 1040 (including Form 8938 or 5471 as needed).

  • Estate and Trustee tax reports

  • Financial statements prepared in accordance with US GAAP

  • Other reports as needed

We ensure your peace of mind, the constant availability of our team, uncompromising professionalism and the highest standard of American customer service.