Y J Etzion Inc., Certified Public Accounting & Consulting, is a group of companies providing US business consulting and taxation services and solutions.

The group has offices in Israel and Las Vegas, Nevada, and serves clients throughout the United States. The purpose of the group is to assist clients from Israel in their dealings with the US Tax Authorities and to represent them in their US transactions, while vigilantly preparing for future tax liabilities and reporting obligations.

We focus on helping our clients set up and manage their businesses in the US by providing ongoing professional guidance for companies and investors. We are committed to helping our clients integrate into the American business world, while respecting time schedules and budget guidelines.

In Israel the group focuses on, among other things, providing taxation services to Israeli citizens who are required to report their income to the Israeli tax authorities; US citizens residing in Israel; real estate investors; shareholders in businesses operating in the US and others

The Group's business philosophy is based on the following three principles:


Knowledge and Experience:
Our services are planned and implemented in a highly efficient manner, minimizing disruption to normal business operations. The partners and professional staff have broad academic backgrounds and comprehensive professional experience in dealing with issues that concern our clients. This allows us to meet a wide range of business needs and offer solutions to emerging situations.

Performance and Accessibility:
We provide the required services and reports while strictly adhering to established deadlines. Various issues that might arise are addressed immediately and we strive to provide answers to your questions in the shortest time possible.

Quality Contribution to Your Business:
We plan and execute our work methodically with special emphasis on adherence to schedules, compliance with budgets and uncompromising quality control. Your business will receive the highest level of attention with services provided on time and within budget, and it will benefit from the added value of our extensive experience in satisfying clients with needs similar to yours.

Our Clients Include:
- Professionals: doctors, attorneys, and engineers
- Real estate investors, building and renovation contractors, real    estate agents and rental property owners
- Communication and high-tech companies
- Manufacturing plants and distributors
- Commercial companies: importers, stores, and wholesalers
- Non-profit institutions

The Founder

Yaniv Jerassy Etzion, Ph.D.


yaniv@yjecpa.com | P. 09-9741009

Dr. Yaniv Jerassy Etzion is the founding partner of the YJ Etzion Inc. Certified Public Accounting & Consulting.

Yaniv is a Certified Public Accountant in the US states of Florida and Nevada and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, as well as a Master's Degree and Doctorate in Economics from the State of Florida.

He has 15 years experience as an accountant in the US. During the time he lived there, Yaniv served as CFO of real estate and commercial companies on the east and west coasts.

Since returning to Israel, Yaniv lectures in academic institutions in the fields of finance and accounting and he provides consulting services to businesses expanding their operations to the United States